Antibiotics are beneficial to combat harmful bacteria. However, antibiotics not only kill bad bacteria, they will also deplete beneficial bacteria.

Beneficial bacteria, known as probiotics are necessary for digestive and immune health.

Your intestinal flora may take as long as a year or more to recover from antibiotic use without a probiotic.

Clinical studies show that some probiotics support intestinal flora while taking antibiotics.

Antibiotics vs. Probiotics

This is why we recommend, if you are currently on antibiotics or have taken a course of antibiotics in the past six months, you replenish your body’s flora with a clinically tested and proven probiotic.

Benefits of a proven probiotic are:

  • Support of the immune system
  • Supports digestive health

Make sure your probiotic…

  • Guarantees a minimum number of therapeutic strains survive through the expiry date
  • Survives stomach acid and delivers benefits throughout the entire digestive system
  • Has proven results on the finished product backed by published clinical studies
  • Is recommended by many doctors and used by hospitals
  • Has proven synergistic strains


Bio-K Plus

What is Bio-K+?

Bio-K+ is a unique and proven probiotic. It is the only product containing the patented formula L. acidophilus CL1285 and L. casei LBC80R 100% live probiotic bacteria both superstrains that have been thoroughly researched.

A multitude of benefits for the entire family.

  • Contributes to good digestive health
  • Supports natural defenses
  • Promotes the balance of intestinal flora
  • Works reliably and survives stomach acid
  • Substrate/coating protects our bacteria until they reach the intestine

A recognized company; unequalled quality standards

  • Strains specifically chosen for their complementarity and synergistic effect
  • Strict quality controls at every stage of production
  • Research driven to confirm the benefits of its products and committed, above all, to improving the health of consumers

=Efficacy demonstrated by published clinical studies
Recommended by health professionals
Used in numerous hospitals throughout North-America

Not all probiotics are alike.
The therapeutic effect and efficacy of probiotics vary depending on the bacterial strains they contain, the manufacturing process, the culturing medium used as well as the quality control measures in place. For the same strain of bacteria, the effects may be very different from one probiotic product to another!

It is therefore, essential to verify that the probiotics you buy have demonstrated their efficacy with published clinical studies.

All probiotic. No Yogurt.

  • No yogurt cultures
  • Made of 100% patented probiotic bacteria
  • Shelf life: 3 times that of standard yogurt
  • Guaranteed 50 billion good bacteria per bottle

Bio-K+ Fresh
With its live and effective bacteria, starts working from the moment you put it in your mouth and continues its work throughout your entire digestive system. It is certified gluten-free probiotic and is offered in various substrates: cultured dairy, fermented soy, and fermented organic rice.

Bio-K+ Capsule
Regular contains 12.5 billion bacteria and maintains the balance of your intestinal flora.

Strong 25 billion bacteria and strengthens your natural defenses.

Extra-strength 50 billion bacteria helps protect against harmful micro-organisms.

Suggested Consumption:
Adults ¼ to 1 bottle Bio-K+ fresh/day
Children ¼ to ½ bottle Bio-K+ fresh/day

Capsule Equivalence
1 Regular capsule = ¼ bottle fresh Bio-K+
1 Strong capsule = ½ bottle fresh Bio-K+
1 Extra-strength capsule = 1 bottle fresh Bio-K+

For more information on Bio-K+ please visit or call (800) 593-2465.


Culture You Can Count On
“Florajen probiotics are respected as ‘best in class’ due to superior potency, efficacy and affordability.”

Florajen restores good flora when you’re on antibiotics!

Unpleasant side effects can cause patients to stop taking prescribed antibiotics, and harmful bacteria might not be completely eliminated.

Florajen probiotics help encourage patients to complete the full course of their antibiotic prescriptions by restoring the body’s comfortable natural microbial balance.

High-potency Florajen probiotics are recommended for anyone taking antibiotics, to replenish good flora and restore a healthy natural microbial balance.

How Florajen Works
Florajen probiotic dietary supplements contain high concentrations of the same beneficial micro-organisms that occur naturally in healthy people. They help maintain a healthy, natural balance of flora in the intestinal and vaginal tracts.

The Florajen Promise
Safe All strains used in Florajen have been clinically proven safe and are 100% U.S. Manufactured in GMP certified facilities

Effective Each refrigerated capsule contains over 20 billion live cultures to help restore balance to your intestinal or vaginal tract

Affordable For less than the cost of a cup of yogurt, each Florajen capsule contains more than 10 times as much live probiotic culture.

Florajen maintains the natural balance needed to stay healthy

Modern lifestyles and dietary changes have depleted many of the beneficial micro-organisms critically important to the body’s natural balance. While medications are the primary culprit, other causes include stress, sugar, alcohol, pollution, and fast food.

Florajen high potency probiotics help maintain the natural barrier microflora form on the intestinal wall. This barrier restrains the growth of harmful bacteria that can cause digestive stress, resulting in improved digestion and better absorption of key nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Research has shown that to be effective, probiotic supplements must contain billions of live cells. While many off-the-shelf probiotics fall far short of this standard, each Florajen capsule contains over 20 billion live cells. Continuous refrigeration maintains Florajen’s high potency from the time it is manufactured to the time it is purchased.

1 capsule Florajen = 10 cups of yogurt


Florajen Acidophilus
High Potency
20 billion live cultures per capsule
Effective for restoring and maintaining a healthy, comfortable balance of vaginal flora

Florajen 3
Unique Multiculture Formula
15 billion live cultures per capsule
Helpful for maintaining gastrointestinal health

Multiculture Formula for Children of All Ages
6 billion live cultures per capsule
*For young children, open capsule and sprinkle on food, in beverage, or mix with powdered formula.
**For children under 6 months old, it’s always best to consult a healthcare professional before use.

Proper Handling of Florajen Probiotics
Refrigeration is required to maintain living cells and sustain freshness and potency. However, because each capsule is generously loaded with over 20 billion cultures, Florajen remains effective for weeks without refrigeration and can be used confidently while traveling.

Under refrigeration, Florajen is safe and effective for up to two years after the expiration date.

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For more information on Florajen Probiotics please visit or call (800) 257-5433.

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