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Pain Medication Pharmacy in Irvine

Uncontrolled pain can have a truly debilitating effect on a person’s life and livelihood. While chronic pain sufferers may derive their pain from a wide array of sources, they all share the same journey of trying to manage work, recreation, and a slew of basic activities while dealing with the pain. Especially for those with special restrictions when it comes to their treatment, it can be difficult to find a pain medication pharmacy in Irvine with the expertise and training necessary to provide custom pharmaceutical solutions. Thankfully, patients in Irvine can count on MedLife Pharmacy and Compounding for these much needed customized solutions to help them get (and stay) up on their feet.

Types of Pain Medication

While any ordinary pain medication pharmacy in Irvine can provide patients with a basic assortment of painkillers and medications including NSAIDS,  NMDA-receptor antagonists, antidepressants and antiviral agents, it takes an experienced compound pharmacist to properly treat each patient’s needs. In many cases, patients can achieve the same degree of pain reduction by taking smaller doses of a combination of different elements, instead of taking a large dose of a single medication. This type of pain management compounding is just one of the many things that we do for our patients to help them live happy, healthy lives.

Another way that we differ than an ordinary pain medication pharmacy is in our ability to craft custom dosage and delivery methods for patients with special pharmaceutical needs.  For patients that have problems taking traditional forms of much needed medications, they can rely on our trusted pain medication pharmacy to make them custom transdermal creams, ointments, sprays, chewables, lollipops, capsules and a variety of other delivery methods. The wide range of services that we offer makes us the preferred pain medication pharmacy in Los Angeles for the entire family.

While many of our patients initially walk through our doors simply because they require a basic Irvine pharmacy to get the familiar medication that they use to manage their pain, they often find that we can offer them a solution even better than what they are accustomed to. As an Irvine specialty pharmacy, our emphasis is truly on whichever individual patient we are helping at the time. While some pharmacies work with a “drive-thru” mentality to get patients out the door as quickly as possible, we ensure that every patient gets the best treatment possible.

Our customized approach provides citizens of Irvine beyond with a pharmacy for children and adults that can fit all of their pain management and overall pharmaceutical needs. New patients can call us today at 949-502-7272 or visit us at 6644 Irvine Center Drive for more information.

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